About Amanda Siworae


Illustrator, artistic photographer and designer.

I was born in the summer of 1985 in north of the Spain, in a city called Palencia. But half of my life I grew up in an island. Tenerife became part of the influences of my growth, until I arrived at the university. I was always linked to art, because I come from a family of artists; painters, poets, teachers …

I am a lover of nature, clouds and travel. My big influences are my dreams, the trips around the world, the Celtic and Japanese cultures, and the natural and urban environment that surrounds us.

I studied Art History in Salamanca and subsequently finished my studies in Siena, Italy with a scholarship. After this experience, I discovered that I wanted to continue being part of the practical aesthetics of my world. It was then, when the Tuscan meadows took over my eyes, and I continued my studies by the branch of photography, where I spent the following years traveling and photographing the world. During those years, I also developed my own personal label with my artistic portraits. Later, after living a year in Asia, specifically in Japan, I changed the course of my professional career towards design, and after returning to Spain, I studied a master’s degree in Graphic Design and I resumed the Illustration that I had left behind in the Baccalaureate of Arts .

Life is full of unexpected paths, which lead us to our own destiny. And although mine seemed to be very clear, I had to cross several bridges, until I reached the point where I am now. I am a multi-faceted and self-taught artist, and I cover several artistic disciplines.

The beauty of life and my experiences around the world, cultures and nature that inspire me to make my artistic creations, are what makes me happier.